On this day in 1910…

… James Stevens wrote in his Diary…

The fleet in Penzance Bay, 193, their crews numbering from 25,000 to 30,000 men. Each day they will require about 20,000 lbs of meat, 20,000 of bread and 50,000 of vegetables. (Thursday 21st July 1910)

But things didn’t go quite to plan, as James reported a few days later… 

The fleet that I wrote above about intended to stay till Thursday and the King was coming to Mounts Bay to inspect them, but the wind was so strong yesterday and Saturday evening that they were dragging their anchors and likely to get damaged, and they all left Saturday evening and yesterday leaving Penzance shopkeepers with a lot of provisions in hand that they had provided for them. They are gone to Torbay where the King will inspect them. (Monday 25th July 1910)

The King was George V, who had been crowned on 6th May of that year. 

So the shopkeepers of Cornwall lost out to the shopkeepers of Devon!



Author: Ann

My interest in family history began in 2010 and eventually led to the discovery of my Cornish ancestors. One of these was my 3 x Great-Aunt, Honor Stevens and her husband, James (who wrote the Diary).

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