A trip to St. Michael’s Mount in 1877…

…. recorded on this day by James Stevens in his Diary…

Rode to St. Michael’s Mount with Sunday School in Troon’s carriage.  Saw the castle enlarging and was put through the castle and sat in one of the old oak chairs.  I had dinner at Andrew Eddy’s house, Marazion. (Saturday 28th July 1877)

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According to my old guidebook to St. Michael’s Mount…

“Between 1873 and 1878 Sir John St. Aubyn employed as an architect his cousin Piers St. Aubyn to design the Victorian wing of the castle…. Sir John St. Aubyn wanted more accommodation and living space for his country house.  The new Victorian wing was erected below the old buildings under a flat terrace roof….  The architect took great care to ensure that the original buildings should continue to dominate the summit of the Mount so that it still presented the same familiar outline when viewed from the mainland.”

(St. Michael’s Mount: Illustrated history and guide by John St. Aubyn. Pub: 1978)

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Author: Ann

My interest in family history began in 2010 and eventually led to the discovery of my Cornish ancestors. One of these was my 3 x Great-Aunt, Honor Stevens and her husband, James (who wrote the Diary).

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