Also on this day in 1892…


… James Stevens wrote in his Diary…

Attended the auction of Tremedder [Tremedda], Foage, Tregarthen and Carne at the Western Hotel.  The reserve not being reached the several lots were bought in and sold afterwards to J. Branwell Esq. for the sum of £2900, that being about £1700 for Tremeddar [Tremedda], £800 for Foage and £400 for Tregarthen and Carne, the rent of the first £70, of the second £23 (this being the Lord’s rent), and of the third £15. (Thursday 28th July 1892)

James was an under-tenant at Foage,  farming about 70 acres of land owned by the Gilbert family of Eastbourne.  All the Gilbert properties in Zennor, including Foage, were sold to Mr. J. Branwell of Penzance in July 1892. (According to an earlier Diary entry in March 1877 “attend sale of Foage land at the Western Hotel, Messrs. BRANWELL purchaser at £2,265”, so the Branwell family must have already owned some of Foage).

The land and properties at Foage are now owned by the National Trust, and the farmhouse is a NT holiday cottage called ‘Honor’s House’.  You can take a tour around the house here but I’m sure it bears little resemblance to the Stevens family home of the 1890s!




Author: Ann

My interest in family history began in 2010 and eventually led to the discovery of my Cornish ancestors. One of these was my 3 x Great-Aunt, Honor Stevens and her husband, James (who wrote the Diary).

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