Happy 170th Birthday James Stevens!

James Stevens was born on 1st August 1847, 170 years ago today.  In his Diary he wrote about some of his birthday presents and cards…

1903  –  My 56th birthday.  Had pocket handkerchief of Annie, and big cup and saucer of Kate, and a case each from Lillie and Mabel to hold razor and spectacles. 

1904  –  My birthday 57.  Had 3 postcards and letter and Prayer and Hymn book from my family here.  

1907  –  My birthday 60 now[Maid] Honor and Kate sent me 11s to buy new gold rimmed spectacles. I bought them last Thursday at 6s 6d. Lillie and Mrs. Roach’s children sent me P.Cs [postcards?].

1908 – My birthday 61, had cup and saucer bought by Honor, two post cards from [Maid] Honor and Kate and letter from Annie and post card from M. Pearce.

1910  –  My birthday 63.  Had a new prayer book with hymns from Honor and Kate and a walking stick from Annie.

1911  –  My birthday 64, had letters from Annie, [Maid] Honor and Kate with 2s 6d each from the latter two and some money and stamps from Annie and post card from Lillie and Fred [Olds].

1912  –  My birthday 65.  Had letter from Annie, cards from Honor and Miss Buckland, and card from Mabel of Godrevy lighthouse, she being at Hayle Towans with a party from Bologgas. 


Author: Ann

My interest in family history began in 2010 and eventually led to the discovery of my Cornish ancestors. One of these was my 3 x Great-Aunt, Honor Stevens and her husband, James (who wrote the Diary).

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