The fire engine arrived… eventually!

On this day in 1899 James Stevens wrote in his Diary…

Fire at Sellan burnt three ricks of hay in mowhay [rick-yard] of Mr. Hosking, helped to keep the other ricks and buildings from burning by throwing water over them till the fire engine arrived from Penzance, which was delayed hour and half for want of horses to bring it. Then they had an accident of the way, coming in haste they injured a man and horse. It forced the water from the river about 300 yards off and put the fire out. (Wednesday 16th August 1899)



Author: Ann - Editor of James Stevens's Cornish Diary

My interest in family history began in 2010 and eventually led to the discovery of my Cornish ancestors. One of these was my Great-great-grandmother's sister, Honor Stevens, and her husband, James. Having read a copy of his published Diary I realised how useful it could be to other family and local history enthusiasts, so I spent the next few years re-transcribing it and producing a PDF version. I finished the transcription in August 2016, although it's clear it's going to be a continuing project as I add more background information. As I live about 5 hours drive from Cornwall, I'm able to holiday in the beautiful County of Kernow (or should that be Country!) at least once a year, visiting and photographing the places connected with the Stevens family. I've also been lucky to have the support of direct descendants of James & Honor, as well as local residents and organisations, who have helped with information and photos.

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